Year 6 2019 - 2020

Mr Clifton

Mrs Clethro



Year Six is not only a last chance to enjoy your time here at Belgrave but also very important in preparing you for your journey onwards and upwards to high school. It is full of challenges and excitement right from the word go, with the week long residential to Conway coming at the beginning of the Autumn term.

We have three key aims that underpin everything that we do throughout the year. These are to become:

Responsible Citizens     Successful learners     Confident Individuals


We also have key life skills that we work towards. These are:

Team work      Communication     Managing time and Money    

Problem Solving        Keeping Yourself Safe

Having these aims and key skills helps us to understand what our education here at Belgrave is really about and also ensures that everything we do will be relevant to life in the future.


Summer Term:

We have another exciting term ahead of us.The key areas of learning are outlined below. There are also some documents at the bottom of the page that will show you some of the ways you can support at home. For daily and weekly updates, please check the Class Dojo pages.


This term we will be revising a range of both non-fiction and fiction texts and exploring writing opportunities through quality texts. Learning outcomes will include:

  • Revisit main non-fiction/ fiction text types and practice reading and answering questions on them.
  • Look at organizational features of non-fiction texts and texts with different purposes, audiences and viewpoints
  • Recap on different sentence structures and practice writing in a range of contexts.
  • Revise use of paragraphs and cohesion between them in order to help writing flow.
    We will be doing this through looking at a range of text types including writing stories in the Spy-Thriller genre.


We will be working towards end of year objectives including the following:

  • Place value of digits to three decimal places, including ordering and rounding.
  • Solving problems and calculating with fractions;
  • Solving problems involving written methods for four operations;
  • Calculating area, perimeter and volume;
  • Data handling including pie charts and averages (mean);
  • 2D, 3D shape and angles.


  • Living Things and their Habitats: looking at how living things are classified into broad groups according to characteristics.
  • How we see:
    • How light travels;
    • How light reflects and how shadows are formed;
    • The difference between opaque, transparent and translucent.


Mayan civilization: we will compare this time period to other ancient civilizations such as the Roman and Egyptian empires and look at its key achievements.


  • We will use animation software to create stop-go animations linked to our spy-thriller writing in English.
  • Staying safe in the digital world.
    This is just a brief overview of some of the things we will cover this term. As ever, our aim is to ensure that we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and that the children have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects. They will be taught French and RE by Mrs Woodman and PE by Mark Phillips. Music will be taught following the Charanga Scheme of work and art will often be taught in discrete blocks linked to topic or specific themes.




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