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18th April 2018

Welcome back after Easter! The year is going so quickly and it seems hard to believe we are in the Summer Term already. The Summer term is always a busy one, but especially this year with the 50th Anniversary celebrations in school. Keep an eye out for lots of exciting events this term!

This Term our topic is 'Where My Wellies Take Me' the poetry book by Michael and Clare Morpurgo. This is a combination and Geography looking at Great Britain and using map skills using fieldwork in  local area,  including sketch  maps, plans, graphs and  digital technologies 

Science this term will focus on Light and Dark , then moving onto Plants and Growth. Have a look at these Web links to play some games:

These are all linked into our residential trip to Beeston in June, which the children are already excited about. Don't forget there is a Residential Trip Meeting on the 17/05/18 at 6pm. You will be given information about what the children need to bring and the activity proramme then and I hope to answer everyones questions at the meeting.

This week we have been looking at Playscripts and  plays comparing the original book Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl and the play script. If you have a copy at home it would be helpful if the children could read the story again (we are also reading it in class). This will tie in with our Light and Dark Topic and we are hoping to write a play script of our own, make our own shadow puppets and perform them to KS1 at the end of the unit.

In Maths this half term we are covering Fractions and Time. After half term we will be doing Properties of Shape and Capacity.

   Image result for light and dark topicImage result for fantastic mr fox bookImage result for where my wellies take me michael morpurgo  


March 13th 2018

Year 3 were chosen to go to Chester Town Hall to celebrate Commonwealth Day at a flag raising ceremony. 8 children and their parents came along on a  very wet Monday morning!

We took part in the ceremony with the Lord  Mayor of Chester then had tea and juice with the Sherrif of Chester.

More photos are in the News Page.







2nd March 2018

World Book Day- Everyone came in today dressed up in their world book day costumes and looked brilliant! From Stone Age girl to several members of Hogwarts and the characters from Enid Blyton everyone had made a great effort.

The children enjoyed following up their Maths Topic on Data Handling to find out which were the favourite books of our class and made their own surveys and bar charts to show the results!

Everyone took their vouchers home, so don't forget to spend them. We also collected in reading challenges and can't wait to find out the results!


16th February 2018

We had a great time today making fossils in Year 3. We used a salt dough with coffee grounds to get an authentic stone texture and used insects and shells and dinosaurs to make our imprints. The children had great fun and the classroom smells delicious which is an added bonus! See photos in the gallery below.

We also did our performances of the scenes in Ug that we have been writing about this week and showed our friends what we think Ug and his mum really discussed in the cave before he went out to play football! Some of the mums were very fearsome!

Half term is fast approaching and the children are all ready for a break after a hard working term. We have been looking at Skara Brae this week and have been looking at the BBC Scotland site here . Have a look over the holidays as this will link to our topic.

Homework for the holidays is to make an artefact related to the topic to go on our display. I have sent home a leafelt with some ideas or have a look on:




5th February 2018

This week we have been continuing with our Gymnastic sessions with Mr Ashton, an external PE coach. We have been practising  jumps, rolls and different ways to travel. We have also been trying to remember to present at the end of each sequence, girls with 2 arms and boys with 1.

Photos in the gallery!


29th January 2018

  This week we travelled back in time to the stone age in Art. We looked at how paint was made by grinding different rocks and berries and how stone age man used charcoal for drawing. We read The First Drawing, a book about the  oldest art known to man in a group of caves in the Dordogne in France. We then turned the classroom into a series of caves and pinned our paper under the tables to work on our cave painting using charcoal, chalk and oil pastel. Have a look at our artwork in the Gallery.

       The First Drawing               Image result for stone age art oldest caves france             Mineral pigments used for cave painting

On Friday Tony from Dee Valley Water came  with his Waterwise Roadshow to talk to us about the water cycle, water conservation and saving water in our homes and schools. He asked for lots of volunteers to help him and the children were very knowledgeable and found out lots of ways to help save water.



15th January 2018

Another busy week! This week we have been looking at rocks and the different types of rocks. We did an experiment to find out about the hardness of rocks and the permeability of slate, granite, limestone, marble and chalk.

We looked at how rocks are formed and the different rock types : igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

Have a look at the BBC Bitesize Website for more information and a quiz.

Have a look at Our Gallery for photos.

We have been looking at prefixes and suffixes in English. This week we have been looking at the prefixes sub and tele:

submarine, subsoil, subterranean, subheading

television, telephone, telegraph, telescope

15th January 2018

Happy New Year to you all!

Welcome back to a new term in school. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays and are looking forward to another exciting term!

This term our topic is The Stone Age and we will be looking at the period of History from Stone Age to the Iron Age in Britain. Our English work is looking at the text Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and other mystery and adventure stories. We will also be looking at Information Texts and Plays and writing dialogues and speech using speech marks,

In Science we will be learning about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We will compare and group rocks based on their properties and appearance.We will also look at how fossils are formed.    

                                                                                                                             Image result for rocks year 3    Image result for Stone Age    Image result for Stone Age stories

Have a look at  this Website for lots of information and a quiz about the Stone Age!

In Maths we are looking at Multiplication and Division and will  alos be covering Statistics and Measurement, Don't forget the KS2 Maths Workshop run by Mr Clifton on 30/1/18 where he will be giving you lots of information about the KS2 Maths Curriculum and how you can help your child.




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