Curriculum Intent

  Belgrave Curriculum: a curriculum for the 21st Century: Intent.

‘Thinking about the future is risky business. Past experience tell us that today’s young children will graduate high school and most likely face problems that do not yet exist.’   (Cuoco et al)

Here at Belgrave we are committed to providing:

  • An inclusive, child-centred curriculum that challenges learners of all abilities and needs;
  • A curriculum that will teach our children the skills and ‘habits of mind’ that equip them for life in the future.
  • A curriculum that is creative, inspiring and FUN!


We want to teach the children to:

  • BELONG to a wider global community and become RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS.
  • ENJOY their school life and be CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALS.
  • ENTHUSE about learning and become SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS for life.
  • So that they can all SUCCEED to the best of their abilities.

These aims will help children to fully understand why they are here and what their time in school is about. They will be displayed in every classroom and referred to regularly. Children will be encouraged to reflect on these throughout the year and in more detail as part of the termly reflections sheets that they complete.


In KS1 the children will learn our ‘motto’: BELONG, ENJOY, ENTHUSE, SUCCEED and understand what they mean.

In KS2, they will be introduced to the key aims as part of the motto – to be Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals… so that we can all SUCCEED.


As well as focussing on the discrete subjects as outlined in the National Curriculum, we feel that it is vital that the children see their education as developing five key life skills.

Key Life Skills:

  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Managing time and money
  • Decision making

These will be displayed in every classroom and referred to throughout the year. Children will be encouraged to reflect on how they have used these in different lessons and key activities/ challenge days will focus on them more explicitly.

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