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This term we are looking forward to more new learning. Through our topic of the Anglo-Saxons, we will be investigating what impact they had on life in Britain. The children are such good historians that they will be able to develop their sense of chronology even further. We will also explore the Water Cycle and be able to understand and describe the process.


Spring Curriculum Overview:


We will develop our skills through cross-curricular work. Specific genres that we will be investigating are: Traditional Stories and Fables, Stories set in Imaginary Worlds, Information Texts, Poetry

In spelling, we will look at the lower junior word lists (3/4) from the National Curriculum, we will also investigate possessive apostrophe with plurals, homophones and words ending with ‘ture’. Our grammar work will include; fronted adverbials and use of commas, choosing nouns and pronouns for clarity, possessive pronouns, past, present and perfect tenses, cohesion and to avoid repetition and extending sentences by using a wider range of conjunctions.

We will continue to become more familiar with and confident in using language in a greater variety of situations, including through drama, formal presentations and debate.

Maths Whilst continuing to practise times tables up to 12 x 12, the areas of focus this term are as follows:

 Place value, rounding and negative numbers including decimals

 Fractions and how they relate to division

 Multiplication problem solving involving measures, money and statistics.

 Finding area of shapes

 Addition and subtraction including decimals

 Using co-ordinates to identify position and direction

Science We are investigating: ‘Electricity and Living Things and their Habitats’. We will also be completing lessons on Drug and Alcohol and Sex and Relationship Education.

Computing We will develop our ICT skills in binary coding and databases plus how to produce digital music.

History We will be finding out about who the Anglo Saxons were and why they came to Britain, aspects of their daily life such as village communities, clothing and religion, the Saxon Army and famous leaders and the archaeological finds at Sutton Hoo.

Geography We will be exploring the key aspects of the Water Cycle.

RE In RE, we will be looking at the Qur’an in Islam and how Christians express belief through symbolism, artefacts and architecture.

FRENCH Bonne Année! – Happy New Year! During the spring term we will be revising and extending our knowledge of French nouns including animal nouns and days and months of the year. We will also practise and further our knowledge of verbs, adjectives, punctuation and sentence starters. We will look at aspects of Intercultural Understanding by learning about a French festival and listening to music by a French composer. As always, we will make our language learning fun by listening to stories, playing games and learning some simple songs.

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We look forward to hearing about your progress.

Happy New Year!  Welcome back to the Spring term for year 4. 


This week we are exploring Traditional Tales in English. 

Have you got a favourite Traditional Tale? Can you explain what makes a story a Traditional Tale? Can you tell a story verbally without a book? Practise at home.

In Maths we are exploring Place Value and particularly focussing on place value of decimals.

The numbers below are ordered from smallest to largest.

Identify the mistake: 4.52, 4.63, 4.62, 4.65, 4.68

Our science topic is Electricity.  We will be planning and exploring lots of different electicity based investigations.   Click below to investigate circuits online 

The website below is really good for finding out about electricity and electrical safety around the home.  Can you tell the class something new you learnt about electricity after exploring the websites?


We're carrying with our work on traditional tales in English, outling the structure, writing in role and identifying the message or moral behind the story.

In maths we wuill be reviewing and developing our knowledge and understanding of fractions.

What is a fraction? How do we read a fraction? How can you divide a shape to make tenths? Which is larger: third or eighth? Which is smaller: half or quarter? How can we work out a fraction of an amount? What do we need to do?

Have a go at matching fractions - play the game by following the link below:

Our topic for this term is the Saxons where the children will learn about who they were and why they came to England. Over the the term, we will explore aspects of their daily life such as village life, clothing and religion, the Saxon Army, famous Saxon leaders, famous Saxon stories and the archaeological finds at Sutton Hoo.


This week we are looking forward to our 'Enterprise Challenge Day' at Queen's Park High School.  We will be working with children from 2 other primary schools to develop our skills in lots of different areas.  We have a challenge to complete, children will tell you all about it after our visit.  I am sure children will be inspired to become entrepenuers of the future. 

In Maths we will be working on fractions; exploring equivalent fractions and fractions of numbers.  Click here to match fractions:

...or here to explore fractions at the beach!

In English we are really focussing on our presentation and handwriting, we are looking for letters to be the same size and carefully joined.  Try copying a few sentences out of your guided reading book or choosing book, see if you can impress yourself with how well you can present your handwriting!

We are also exploring fronted adverbials.  Watch this clip to help remind you about this aspect of writing. Click here


The children were brilliant ambassadors for Belgrave School during our visit to Queens Park High School for our Enterprise Challenge day.  I hope they have told you all about designing and planning their new society.  Team work, creativity, postivity and problem solving were thoroughly explored during the day. 

Please see our class gallery for some photographs of us during our Gymnastics lesson last week.  Can you describe the different rolls and how you can achieve a perfect roll?

In maths, we will be reviewing our knowledge of co-ordinates, plotting and translating shapes and looking for their lines of symmetry and reflections.

English homework is to focus on spellings, click on the following website to practise year 3 and 4 spelling rules.  We will have covered most of them so this might be a good time for revision.  If we haven't covered it yet it means you can 'have a go' and see how you get on.  Listen carefully to the word.

Here is a link to a review of our Enterprise Challenge Day, have a read...


It's Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February where the theme this year is 'Create,Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you.' It is focussing on the relationships children and young people form online and exploring ways to ensure that these relationships remain healty, positive and fulfilling. After our introductory assembly, we will be exploring the ideas further through a variety of interactive activities.

This week in maths we will be developing our skills in calculating area. What does the word area mean?  What is area measured in?

In English, we will be further developing our skills to describe settings and characters in an imaginery world, showing our imagination through choosing language to create humour, atmosphere and suspense.

After our 'Waterwise' workshop last Friday, we hope you are putting into practise some of the water saving ideas at home!

Have a look at our gallery showing pictures of your fabulous team work as you carefully construct your Saxon houses.


This week in English, we will be continuing our writing set within an imaginary world but with the focus of paragraphs and speech punctuation.

Click below to explore paragraphing in a fun way...

In Maths we will be reviewing column addition and subtraction and then applying the skills to two step problems.

For example:

Hannah went shopping with £15.10, and bought some

sunglasses for £9.80, and flip flops for £2.45.

How much money did she have left?

Click below to practise your subtraction skills...

February Half term

Have a great half term holiday, we hope you re-charge your batteries, get some fresh air and adventure and have fun. 

The game below will give you a chance to work on some of the science that we have covered this half term. Click here

Keep practising your times tables to be able to have quick recall up to 12 x 12. 

Topic Homework:  What can you find out about Vikings?  See your homework books for more details about how to present your research.  Please can you bring it back to school for the week starting Monday 5th March. We look forward to learing more from each other!


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