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Summer Term

The summer term is always exciting and busy, especially this year with the 50th Anniversary celebrations in school. There will be lots of different events to look out for!

We have a variety of inspiring opportunities planned for Year 4, one being to visit Bridgewater Hall to play our instruments with the Halle Orchestra.  The chance to see and play along with a full orchestra is a really special and memorable occasion. Alongside this, we will begin to prepare and rehearse for the Key Stage Two production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits.

Our recent residential was a fantastic way to start the term; the children were a credit to themselves and school. Learning outside the classroom within a residential is so valuable in developing independence, co-operative and communication skills and team building. We also really developed our knowledge of mini-beasts and pond creatures which consolidated and extended our scientific learning. Much fun was had around the campfire, eating marshmallows and maximising the class’s choral skills - we are sure they will teach you a new song or two if they haven’t already!

The children have continued to make good progress with their learning in Year Four. We are constantly being impressed with their general knowledge related particularly to history and they are continuing to demonstrate their eagerness to learn more in our follow-on topic of the Viking invasion of Britain.

Use of a pen and handwriting practice has contributed to the development of the children’s presentation which has improved significantly. We will continue to place emphasis on the importance of presentation and pride in their work throughout the rest of the term.

For a more detailed breakdown of what the children will be doing, please take a look at the Summer Term Curriculum document in the downloads below.


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Half term overview

English: Poetry, prefixes and suffixes, handwriting style, possesive apostrophes, Information texts.

Maths: Measurements, bar charts, multiplication and division using formal written methods. 

History: Vikings

Science: States of Matter and Animals including humans

RE: Islamic belief and community life

DT: Viking Boats



This week we are delving into the world of Ali Baba!  We will explore the story and our writing will be inspired by this well known tale. 

In Maths we are exploring translation of shapes using co-ordinates and compass points.  What is the mnemonic to help you remember the eight points of the compass? Can you try out using a compass over the holidays?

Half term Holiday homework:  Choose a European country to find out more about.  Research the human and physical features (man-made e.g. population, cities, buildings and monuments and geographical e.g. rivers and mountains)  We will be using this information as a comparison with the UK.  Using your research and further work in school, we will create a book each.


We will be sharing our knowledge of scientific classifications of living things with the year sixes this week, which should be interesting. 

In English, we will be focusing on the action in the flim clip 'Marshmallow' and how to write a successful action sequence. This will involve considering the importance of selecting powerful verbs, how to use a variety of sentence lengths to increase the tension and the use of figurative language. In maths, we will be using our increased knowledge of decimal fractions to find fractions of a set or quantity and how to solve more complex problems.



This week, in maths we will be reviewing our knowledge of how to convert between different units of measurement and how they relate to decimals by multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. 

In English, we will be continuing with our writing focus based on the little film called 'Marshmallow' but this week we will be combining our scientific knowlegde about classifications with our writing skills to produce a non-chronological report on our own creature. You can watch the clip again by following this link: Marshmallow

We will be continuing our journey of discovery about family life of the Vikings in Britain. You can recap on last week about Viking homes by watching the following BBC clip again: Viking Homes

By the way, we've finally managed to upload our residential photos so don't forget to have a look at our gallery!



Well this year we were lucky... only one group got drenched on the Let's Walk program! Everyone successfully completed it and will have received their certificate.

This week in science, we will be considering how to classify living things and how scientists must look further than the obvious details to identify which species they are looking at – or if indeed it is a ‘never seen before’ species. When something very small is shown in a very large image you can see so much of the tiny details and features that you wouldn’t usually get to see. We will be taking a closer look at invertebrates and trying out our artistic skills to scale them up to produce large versions. Our inspiration is the amazing photographer, Levon Biss, who takes lots of very close-up photos and pieces them back together to create beautiful images of insects in incredible detail. Levon Biss

In the meantime, you can test out your classification skills by playing the following games: Classification game 1,  Classification game 2

In maths, we will be reviewing our understanding of decimals and how they relate to fractions and in English, we will be beginning an extended writing piece where the inital focus is on describing a setting by adding modifying adjectives, nouns and prepositional phrases. 

Just to let you know, we have had a problem with uploading photos from the residential and will let you know as soon as we have managed it! 



Well done everyone for a great week and managing to settle back into the routine of school life so well after the holidays and our fantastic residential!

We've got another busy week with the Let's Walk program on Tuesday and Wednesday where you will be learning how to cross roads safely and what dangers to look out for.

In maths, we will be continuing to review place value and sequences and our English will focus on writing a report on the attacks on monastries by the vicious Vikings!

In science, we will be practising our classification skills by creating our own dichotomous keys - branching databases. You can remind yourselves of the five groups that animals are split into by watching the following clip again: Animal classifications



Well done everyone for another fun-packed, successful week! We all thoroughly enjoyed performing alongside the band, choir and recorders at the special music concert on Thursday afternoon followed by throwing a few shapes on the dance floor at the disco in the evening! We also successfully completed budgeting exercises either in Liverpool or the classroom, demonstrating our problem solving skills.

Our maths focus this week will be reviewing our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes in addition to identifying and drawing angles.

In English, we will be writing our own versions of The Lost Thing based on the creatures we have created, how they ended up in the terrible city we've named Boresville and what happens when they find refuge in the utopian land of Freedom Valleys.

We will also be learning about the Water Cycle and the four main processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and run off.



We have another busy week ahead.  We will be exploring further the creativity of Shaun Tan and the Lost Thing by comparing the world the Lost Thing has found itself in and the one it ends up in.  In the process, we will be considering its feelings and what is meant by having a sense of belonging.

You can watch the film version of the book here: 

The Lost Thing part 1 , The Lost Thing part 2

In maths, we will be focussing on our problem solving skills and how to interpret our results.

We will be starting our new topic in science on Living things and their habitats and will be finding out all about Mrs Gren!

We're all very much looking forward to playing our instruments in the special music concert on Thursday afternoon and showing how much we have improved.  And then, of course, showing off our dance moves in the evening at the disco!

STOP PRESS!! New photos added to the gallery of the Enterprise presentations, including the winning team The Crunchers, and the fun you had doing the Kings Camp activities!



Last week ended up being a challenging week as entrepreneurs in the chocolate industry... as part of the second stage of the Enterprise Project initiated before half term, we tested our skills at new product development, understanding market research, calculating costs for ingredients and designing packaging... and not forgetting a delicious interlude of blind tasting! (See photos!) With an emphasis on the maths involved, the children have had to show how they can work as a team, lead decision making, listen carefully and aim high, to name just a few of the skills worked on. Each team will be pitching in 'Dragon's Den' style to a panel of Year 6 'business experts' on Monday... watch this space for the result!

As a consequence, our maths this week will be completing the work on division planned for last week!

In English, we will be entering the incredible world of The Lost Thing created by Shaun Tan, looking at how the images add depth to the story and exploring the ideas behind them.

Have a look at our photo gallery to see us enjoying a wonderful and enlightening Hindu dance workshop and our successful performance at the 'All Voice Concert' at QPH! Well done everyone for a busy and diverse week! smiley 



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