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Our first learning focus will be the Romans.  We will be finding out how Ancient Rome is the most influential civilisation in the western world and how their legacy remains all around us today.

We look forward to exploring our very own Roman Chester with a visit to the Grosvenor museum and a Roman Soldier tour!


We have been exploring the PSHE theme of New Beginnings and working on class and group team building.

We have been working on creating our own art based on the American Artist Jasper Johns.  Can you find any information about him to share with the class?

Which words would you use to describe his Art?


We are reading and writing about Roman Legends.  Do you know any Roman Legends?  Can you bring any into school to share with the class?

In Maths we are investigating Place Value.  We will be exploring the value of each digit in a 3 and 4 digit number.  We aim to be able to recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (1,000s, 100s, 10s, and 1s)

A question we might ask is: Create 5 four digit numbers where the tens number is 2 and the digits add up to 9. Order them from smallest to largest.


It is our whole school 'Health Week' this week.  We are excited about promoting healthy bodies and minds.  We have workshops, talks and will be doing the 'daily mile'.  If we complete a mile of movement each day our minds and bodies are better prepared for learning. 

What can you find out about a professional sports person or athlete?  Share your research with the class.

In Maths we will be rounding number and place value problem solving. 

Can you round to the nearest 10?  Can you round to the nearest 100?  Can you round to the nearest 1000?  What are the rules for rounding?  Teach somebody at home.

We will continue to explore Legends in English.  We will be revising what we know about nouns, adjectives and verbs and how to make sentences more interesting. When you are reading at home can you find examples of nouns, verbs and adjectives? 

Look at our class gallery below to see year 4 working on their art this week.  You can also see some of our finished pieces.  Year 4 are great artists. smiley

22/9/17 Homework for spelling pattern 'sure' games, lists and revision of the words will be found on this webpage. Click on the link:   



The children had an energetic and informative week focussing on being healthy.  Our daily mile ensured our brains were ready for learning and our bodies that little bit fitter.

In English we will continue to find out about Legends. Can you spell words with the 'sure' pattern that we explored last week? Remember to join your handwriting as brilliantly as you did in class.

In Maths we will be investigating shapes:  Can you name 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties? Look for horizontal, parallel, vertical and perpendicular lines around you.  Can you identify and describe acute, obtuse and right angles in different shapes?   How many different types of triangle can you name? 

We will also continue to learn our times tables and aim at developing our speed with recalling them out of order. 

Please see our class gallery below; we have included photgraphs showing Dan who led our Nutrition workshop, Mrs Graham who gave a fascinating insight into how she helps mums and babies stay healthy in her role as midwife and Mrs Parsons who gave a brilliant talk about being an Athlete.  Her determination and perseverance was inspirational to the children, particularly as she started her running career at a similar age to our class. 

If any other parents have any hobbies or jobs that they would be happy to share with us we would welcome you into class.  It is great to give our children new aspirations.  Please see Mrs Hancock or Miss Taylor.

Also check out the gallery to view some of our music lessons.


In English we will start to investigate Newspapers. Our main Learning Outcomes will be that children are familiar with the key features and language of newspapers.

Can you bring in a newspaper to school?  Choose an interesting article to share in class.

In Maths this week we will focus on addition and place value, can you... 

Partition numbers in different ways (for example, 2.3 = 2 + 0.3 and 2.3 = 1 + 1.3).

Add mentally combinations of two and three digit numbers and decimals to one decimal place.

Add numbers with up to 4 digits and decimals with one decimal place using the formal written methods: Using an empty number line, By writing one number under the other and using partitioning (columnar addition).

Choose an appropriate strategy to solve a calculation based upon the numbers involved (recall a known fact, calculate mentally,  use a jotting, written method)

In Science we will continue with our topic of sound.  What can you find out about how we hear and how sound travels?  The children wrote some excellent questions about sound that they want to find the answers to.  Can you think of any more questions you would like to investigate?  Write them down and bring them into school.

How do we hear?  Click here to explore the ear, amaze your family and friends with your knowledge of ear related facts!


In English this week we will continue to read and explore newspaper articles; we will focus on fact and opinion, bias, unknown vocabulary and the 5 W's.  Can you name the 5 W's that are very important in newspaper articles?  Try reading an article at home and checking if the reporter has included all 5?

In Maths we will be revising what a decimal is and also adding decimals.  We will be making links to money and using  number lines to help us identify where decimals link to whole numbers. 

The webiste below covers all aspects of Year 4 Maths, scroll down to the decimals section to practise your decimal skill and knowledge.  Click below

We are also having an exciting dance workshop linked to RE.  We will welcome a visitor in to lead this experience.  Look out for the photographs on our gallery.


Our dance workshop was cancelled due to injury, we will hopfeully reschedule this as soon as possible.

In Maths will are going to further practise column addition.  We will then move onto subtraction and develop our knowledge and understanding before using column methods next week. 

Choose whether to solve these questions mentally or using written methods...

54 + 46        540 + 460

34 + 69 + 26        298 + 342

566 + 931       999 + 999

1547 + 2742      1999 + 364

Have a go!

In English we are making links between our topic work on Romans and our Newspaper writing skills.  We will be planning and writing an article about a famous rebellion against the Romans.  It is the story of a woman who led an army of Britons against the might of the Romans. 

What can you find out about Boudicca?

Part of our grammar focus will continue to be on using conjunctions to extend our sentences.  Can you use the explaining conjunctions in your sentences? (because, as, since, therefore, so, as a result, consequently)

Check out our gallery for updated photographs of us investigating and classifying triangles. 


Year 4 are journalists! 

We have written fantastic articles about the death of King Prasutagus which was the start of Boudicca's Rebellion.  This week we will be exploring what happened next.  We will be in role as Celts and Romans; let the battle commence!

We will be writing in role following our drama work based on the story.

In Maths will are going to further practise column subtraction.  We will move from expanded subtraction to condensed subtraction and develop our knowledge, understanding and skills.  We need to continue to use our 'number sense' when we look at questions or problems, asking ourselves 'Does it seem right?'

Here is a number sentence.

450 + 768 – 250

Jack solves the number sentence by subtracting 250 from 450 to find 200 and then adding that to 768.

Kim says Jack can’t change the order of the number sentence because there’s a subtraction.

Who is correct? Explain your answer.

With a friend, discuss before working each out which will be greater or smaller than the other. Why do you think this? What key facts did you use?

3567 – 567      3677 – 344

4738 + 36        4738 + 18 + 18

2139 – 85 + 27      2151 – 86 + 30

This week will be setting an exciting half term homework linked to times tables... more information to follow! 

Click below to use this website for this week's English homework:

Half Term

Be a Rockstar...

Log in with the password in your planner.  Can you improve your score? 

We look forward to hearing about your progress.

To help with your English skills have a go at some apostrophe work on this link:

Check and improve your sentence work with this spooky website:

How well do you know which parts of a sentece are nouns, verbs or adjectives?  Use this website to investigate:

Have a look at our class gallery to view...

1.  Photographs of 4TH doing drama based on a famous painting by Lionel Royer

2.  Photographs of us investigating sound with elastic bands and chime bars


In Maths this week we will be recognising and using factor pairs in mental calculations.  We will need to know our times tables well to hepl with our Maths learning this week.  Keep using Time tables Rockstars to improve speed and accuracy.  Using 'Rally Robin' with another person will also help to secure tables in our brains.  We will be completing further investigations linked to multiplication and division. 

In English we will be continuing to look at determiners in our grammar work; particularly being able to use and identify determiners and how they can change the meaning of sentences.  In spellings we are looking at prefixes and how prefixes change the meaning of root words.

10/11/17 Click here for homework linked to our English:

We are having our Lantern manking workshop on Wednesday with the artist Russell Kirk.  The lantern parade through our wonderful city is very memorable and is on 30th November.  (A letter will follow soon)

Have a look at our gallery for some photographs of our science investigation this week; we were exploring pitch and changing pitch using glass bottles and water.

Also you will find some images of the drama work which inspired our writing this week.  Can you tell somebody at home what is happening in the photographs? 


Another busy week ahead!

Tuesday: Rememember waterproof coat wellies/outdoor shoes/boots for our visit to Duke's Drive to explore the woodland and develop our scientific and geographic knowledge.

Friday:Remember comfortable walking shoes and a waterproof coat for our visit to Grosvenor Museum and Roman Soldier tour.  (Will also need a packed lunch with everything that can be thrown away please)

Other learning this week will include an exciting author visit on Monday; we will get the opportunity to draw alongside an illustrator.  If you want to buy a book you can get it signed. 

In Maths we will be learning written multiplication methods. 

Try to reach the target number below by multiplying three of the numbers together. Cross out any numbers you don’t use.

Target number: 144

 1 5 3 0 8 


In English we will be exploring homophones and developing our accuracy when we chose which word to use in our writing! How many can you think of?  Bring a list into school. Click here to investigate some homophones:

In Science we will be carrying out our sound proofing investigations. 

Can you tell somebody at home how to make a science investigation a fair test?

Check out our fabulous lantern making in our class gallery.


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