Year 4 2018 - 2019

Mrs Hancock

Mrs Halewood

Mrs Amner




Welcome back to a new year and new topics!


It has been lovely to see the children return to school with renewed interest, energy and enthusiasm. They made good progress working together last term demonstrating excellent co-operative skills and a collaborative team ethos; our focus now is to develop greater independence.  We were also working on their ability to justify opinions and views, especially linked to their reading and their use of mathematical language to explain their answers.  Great effort has been made by the children to hold their pencils correctly and join their handwriting consistently; this will continue to be a focus. 


This term we are looking forward to more new learning. Through our topic of the Anglo-Saxons, we will be investigating what impact they had on life in Britain. The children are such good historians that they will be able to develop their sense of chronology even further. We will also explore the Water Cycle and be able to understand and describe the process.


We begin our swimming lessons this term and look forward to seeing how far the children have progressed, and will progress, in both technique and confidence. This will be on a Friday morning like last year, commencing on 11th January.


The children are maintaining a high level of musical ability and are thoroughly enjoying learning how to play their instruments. Please continue to help remind them to bring them in on a Thursday and practise as often as possible.


Thank you for continuing to support the children with their homework tasks which will carry on as last term.


Kind regards,

Mrs Hancock


Curriculum Overview


We will develop our skills through cross-curricular work.  Specific genres that we will be investigating are: 

  • Traditional Stories and Fables
  • Stories set in Imaginary Worlds
  • Information Texts
  • Poetry

In spelling, we will look at the lower junior word lists (3/4) from the National Curriculum, we will also investigate possessive apostrophe with plurals, homophones and words ending with ‘ture’.  Our grammar work will include; fronted adverbials and use of commas, choosing nouns and pronouns for clarity, possessive pronouns, past, present and perfect tenses, cohesion and to avoid repetition and extending sentences by using a wider range of conjunctions. 

We will continue to become more familiar with and confident in using language in a greater variety of situations, including through drama, formal presentations and debate.



Whilst continuing to practise times tables up to 12 x 12, the areas of focus this term are as follows:

  • Place value, rounding and negative numbers including decimals
  • Fractions and how they relate to division
  • Multiplication problem solving involving measures, money and statistics.
  • Finding area of shapes
  • Addition and subtraction including decimals
  • Using co-ordinates to identify position and direction



We are investigating:  ‘Electricity and Living Things and their Habitats’.  We will also be completing lessons on Drug and Alcohol and Sex and Relationship Education.



We will develop our ICT skills in Scatch programming and databases.



We will be finding out about who the Anglo Saxons were and why they came to Britain, aspects of their daily life such as village communities, clothing and religion, the Saxon Army and famous leaders and the archaeological finds at Sutton Hoo.



We will be exploring the key aspects of the Water Cycle.



In RE, we will be looking at the Qur’an in Islam and how Christians express belief through symbolism, artefacts and architecture.




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