Year 4 2017 - 2018

Mrs Hancock

Miss Taylor

Mrs Halewood

Mrs Clethro

Mrs Price


Our first learning focus will be the Romans.  We will be finding out how Ancient Rome is the most influential civilisation in the western world and how their legacy remains all around us today.

We look forward to exploring our very own Roman Chester with a visit to the Grosvenor museum and a Roman Soldier tour!


We have been exploring the PSHE theme of New Beginnings and working on class and group team building.

We have been working on creating our own art based on the American Artist Jasper Johns.  Can you find any information about him to share with the class?

Which words would you use to describe his Art?





We are reading and writing about Roman Legends.  Do you know any Roman Legends?  Can you bring any into school to share with the class?

In Maths we are investigating Place Value.  We will be exploring the value of each digit in a 3 and 4 digit number.  We aim to be able to recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (1,000s, 100s, 10s, and 1s)

A question we might ask is: Create 5 four digit numbers where the tens number is 2 and the digits add up to 9. Order them from smallest to largest.


It is our whole school 'Health Week' this week.  We are excited about promoting healthy bodies and minds.  We have workshops, talks and will be doing the 'daily mile'.  If we complete a mile of movement each day our minds and bodies are better prepared for learning. 

What can you find out about a professional sports person or athlete?  Share your research with the class.

In Maths we will be rounding number and place value problem solving. 

Can you round to the nearest 10?  Can you round to the nearest 100?  Can you round to the nearest 1000?  What are the rules for rounding?  Teach somebody at home.

We will continue to explore Legends in English.  We will be revising what we know about nouns, adjectives and verbs and how to make sentences more interesting. When you are reading at home can you find examples of nouns, verbs and adjectives? 

Look at our class gallery below to see year 4 working on their art this week.  You can also see some of our finished pieces.  Year 4 are great artists. smiley

22/9/17 Homework for spelling pattern 'sure' games, lists and revision of the words will be found on this webpage. Click on the link:   



The children had an energetic and informative week focussing on being healthy.  Our daily mile ensured our brains were ready for learning and our bodies that little bit fitter.

In English we will continue to find out about Legends. Can you spell words with the 'sure' pattern that we explored last week? Remember to join your handwriting as brilliantly as you did in class.

In Maths we will be investigating shapes:  Can you name 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties? Look for horizontal, parallel, vertical and perpendicular lines around you.  Can you identify and describe acute, obtuse and right angles in different shapes?   How many different types of triangle can you name? 

We will also continue to learn our times tables and aim at developing our speed with recalling them out of order. 

Please see our class gallery below; we have included photgraphs showing Dan who led our Nutrition workshop, Mrs Graham who gave a fascinating insight into how she helps mums and babies stay healthy in her role as midwife and Mrs Parsons who gave a brilliant talk about being an Athlete.  Her determination and perseverance was inspirational to the children, particularly as she started her running career at a similar age to our class. 

If any other parents have any hobbies or jobs that they would be happy to share with us we would welcome you into class.  It is great to give our children new aspirations.  Please see Mrs Hancock or Miss Taylor.

Also check out the gallery to view some of our music lessons.

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