Year 5 2017 - 2018

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Welcome to 5SB - Mrs Salter and Mrs Bowle's Class

In MATHS we start with 3 weeks of fractions. We will be finding equivalence, ordering fractions, finding lowest common multiples, convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and also adding, subtracing anf multipling fractions

In English, we will be looking at the classic narrative poem of 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. We will be improving our writing by including the figurative language that we laern about in the poem.

We will study a number of Shakespeare plays and have a go at writing our own.

We will also look at myths in conjunction with our History topic.


Our topics this term are history based: The Tudors in Chester and The Ancient Greeks.



Today we finished our class dance.It is based on a book we studied in English called 'The Coming Of The Surfman'.(See Gallery for photos).

The children have written super conversations between the Highwayman and the soldiers in our English lesson today. The focus of the lesson was the correct use of speech punctuation.

In Science, we have continuued our investigations on materials and their properties and  we learned about reversible and irreversible changes through heating.

The children worked in their table groups and we observed the changes to chocolate, jelly and cheese to name a few!



We began our Tudors topic today by ordering events within the 118 years of Tudor reign. We were able to learn about important events within this time, including the Battle of Bosworth and the period of exploration.

(See photos in gallery)


Our Science topic is 'Materials and their properties'.Today we investigated seven materials to find out if they had certain properties including a conductor of electricity and flexibility.

The children decided how to carry out their investigations independently in their table groups.

We then discussed the results thinking about real life uses. For example: the use of plastic in the kitchen as an insulator.   







25/10/17 - We have been learning about famous civil engineers. It would be amazing if the children were able to visit one of the local examples of Thomas Telford's famous bridges (Aldford Bridge -in the Duke's estate, Pontysyllte Aquaduct - Ty Mawr country park or Ironbridge in Telford) some time over the next few weeks. These all represent fantastic days out for the half term holidays!

(See pictures of these bridges in our gallery.)



We have begun our 'Bridge Buiding Project'. Today we looked at how , just by changing the shape/structure of a piece of paper, we can vastly increase its strength


Look at the bridges we managed to build.



See our Christmas dinner photographs! What a lovely meal we had.



We have been looking at the history of Chester and in particular, our local area. We talked about the Duke of Westminster and how he owned the land that Westminster Park was built on.

We also learnt about the Chester artist, Louise Rayner, whose watercolour paintings are a remarkable record of what life was like in Victorian times. We paid a surprise visit to nearby Ash Grove to see some Vicorian houses and more importantly discover where Louise Rayner lived, when she lived in Chester.

The Grosvenor Museum houses about 20 of her original paintings. Definitely worth a visit over the holidays, if you get the chance, Year 5s!

(See gallery for photographs)


The children have been busy exploring the school grounds today looking for different types of plants. They will be able to tell you about vascular and non vascular plants(ferns and mosses). See the gallery for photographs). 

PARTY DAY 19/12/17.

The children have had a lovely party day with dancing, party games, decoration making and a visit from Father Christmas! See the photos in our gallery.  

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