Year 1 2016 - 2017

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Mrs Foden

Mrs Tarbuck

Mrs Amner

Mrs Tiffin



Year 1


We are very lucky to have a team of experienced staff who give the children a range of exciting hands on learning experiences. 

We aim to create a friendly, nurturing environment in which the children feel safe, secure and comfortable in expressing themselves. By encouraging and valuing the children's interests, we support them in exploring their own learning paths as they move through the year. We want to build on the children's natural curiosity and promote a lifelong love of learning.

Year 1 is a significant year at school as children move from the Early Learning Goals of Nursery and Reception to the National Curriculum. We are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.

In Maths, we continue to develop the children’s understanding of numbers, especially place value, and early calculation. This is achieved with an emphasis on learning through experience and use of games, problem-solving challenges and lots of hands on activities and equipment.

In Literacy we provide lots of opportunities for speaking and listening and role-play to support the children’s writing. The writing activities always relate to our topic and over the year, the children will explore writing in lots of different genres; labels and lists, instructions, poetry, recounts and narrative story writing.



This term our topic is Growing and

the Seaside

We will be planting vegetables in the raised beds in the school garden and We hope we will be able to try some of the vegetables before the end of the academic year.

Phonics remains a focus, please can you continue to create ‘alien words’ and practise the words we sent home before the holidays. The statutory phonics screening will take place the week beginning the 12th of June.  The phonics pack is available on the information to parents tab at the top of our class page.

Click here to play picnic on pluto.

The following table outlines the subjects we will be covering this term. We hope this will be useful in assisting you at home.


In English we will be enjoying fiction, non-fiction books and poetry. We will be sharing books by the author Julia Donaldson including ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Stick Man.’ We will write instructions and information about different seeds and plants. Phonics sessions will continue daily.

Ways to help at home

  • Share books at home. Please can you listen to your child read for ten minutes per day as this has a significant impact in fluency and expression.
  • Discuss what happens at the beginning middle and end of stories.
  • Which was their favourite part and why?
  • Write a short book review to say what they liked about a story.
  • Write simple instructions, for example making a Lego model.
  • Write short stories based on their favourite book, encouraging use of phonics and punctuation.
  • Please refer to the school website. Go to the curriculum section. In the English section you will find the phonics and spelling patterns we work on over the year.


By the end of Y1 children will be expected to:

  • Be able to subtract a one digit number from a two digit number. For example 37-9.
  • Solve problems that involve addition and subtraction
  • Know by heart all the pairs of numbers that make 20.

How you can support learning at home:

  • Share simple number problems with them: we have 25 apples in the fruit bowl. How many will we have if we eat 7 of them?
  • Count in 2’s 5’s and 10’s regularly.
  • Think of a number between 0-20. What would you have to put with that number to make 20?
  • It would be really helpful if you could work on counting backwards from 100 as this helps children when subtracting.
  • Finally identifying numbers 10 less than a given number. For example 10 less than 47.
  • Please refer to the school website curriculum section on maths to see further information about what is taught over the course of the year.



Summer 1

We shall be planting a range of plants and vegetables and caring for them.

The children will learn about different seeds, the different parts of a plant and their differences. We will look at the features of trees and identify different trees and those that are deciduous and evergreen.

Summer 2

We will be learning about the weather and monitor the daily weather. We will begin to learn about how weather changes and why.



This term we are going to learning how to use ‘coding’. This involves using simple programs to write instructions to make things happen on the screen.

The software we use to teach coding is not available at home but Barclays Bank have a website with a way to try new skills:





As a starting point in geography we will be reading the book, ‘The day the world came to my place’. From this we will then look at different foods from around the world, where they are grown and what they are used for.



In History we will be looking at Victorian seaside holidays in Britain, comparing to holidays today.

This will tie in with French as the children will be reading the book ‘Barnaby Bear goes to France’.


We will be introducing the children to artwork by Vincent van Gogh. We will look at his picture of ‘Sunflowers’ and draw a sunflower in our own style.


Design Technology

In Design Technology we will be creating our own salads from the salad crops we grow this term, if we are successful!





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