Year 1 2019 - 2020

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Year 1


We are very lucky to have a team of experienced staff who give the children a range of exciting hands on learning experiences. 

We aim to create a friendly, nurturing environment in which the children feel safe, secure and comfortable in expressing themselves. By encouraging and valuing the children's interests, we support them in exploring their own learning paths as they move through the year. We want to build on the children's natural curiosity and promote a lifelong love of learning.

Year 1 is a significant year at school as children move from the Early Learning Goals of Nursery and Reception to the National Curriculum. We are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.

In Maths, we continue to develop the children’s understanding of numbers, especially place value, and early calculation. This is achieved with an emphasis on learning through experience and use of games, problem-solving challenges and lots of hands on activities and equipment.

In English we provide lots of opportunities for speaking and listening and role-play to support the children’s writing. The writing activities always relate to our topic and over the year, the children will explore writing in lots of different genres; labels and lists, instructions, poetry, recounts and narrative story writing.

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This Term our topic is 'Traditional Tales'.




In English we are exploring characters in traditional tales. We will be looking at the features of traditional tales and using them to write our own versions. We will be looking at story openers, structures and endings.

 In poetry we will be looking at riddles in relation to a character from their favorite fairytale.  Phonics sessions will continue daily.

Ways to help at home

  • Share your favorite fairy tales and traditional tales.
  • Discuss what happens at the beginning middle and end of the story.
  • Which was their favourite part and why?
  • Could they write you a sentence for their favourite picture with a clear capital letter and full stop?
  • Please refer to the school website.  Go to the curriculum section.  In the English section you will find the phonics and spelling patterns we will be working on over the year.



   By the end of Y1 children will be expected to:

  • recognise and name common 2-D and 3-D shapes,
  • solve problems that involve addition and subtraction
  • finding 10 more and 10 less than a given number up to 100
  • to recognize odd and even numbers.

  How you can support learning at home:

  • Discuss shape of objects around the house.
  • Share simple number problems with them: we have 5 satsumas in the fruit bowl. How many will we have if we eat two of them?
  • Count in 2’s 5’s and 10’s regularly. 
  • Think of a number between 0-10.  What would you have to put with that number to make 10?  When they become confident with this work on pairs of numbers that make 20.
  • Look at numbers in the surrounding and identify if they are odd or even.  How do they know?
  • Please refer to the school website curriculum section on maths to see what will be taught over the course of the year.


Spring 1. We will be examining different materials and their properties.  We will then be considering which might be the best material for a specific purpose.  We will be testing different materials to see how much fluid they can absorb.

Spring 2. We will be learning about different types of animals and their features. We will be considering why they need these features to survive in their habitat.  We will also be looking at animals that are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.


In ICT children will be learning how to create a PowerPoint presentation in the first half term.  These skills will then be applied to a ‘We are collectors’ project in which the children will collect images of different animals to put into a PowerPoint presentation.  These will then be presented to the rest of the class.




In Geography we will be looking at the world map, identifying the equator and the North and South Poles.  We will be identifying hot and cold areas of the world and animals which may live there.


In History we will be researching the history of Chester Zoo.  We will find out about the founder of Chester Zoo.  We will compare how the zoo has changed since it opened.





In Art we will be looking at work by the artist Paul Klee trying to create pictures in a similar style.

Children will also have the chance to create a bird out of clay.

  Design Technology

In Design Technology we will be investigating playground design and trying to create our own playgrounds using recycled materials.


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