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Year 1


We are very lucky to have a team of experienced staff who give the children a range is of exciting hands on learning experiences. 

We aim to create a friendly, nurturing environment in which the children feel safe, secure and comfortable in expressing themselves. By encouraging and valuing the children's interests, we support them in exploring their own learning paths as they move through the year. We want to build on the children's natural curiosity and promote a lifelong love of learning.

Year 1 is a significant year at school as children move from the Early Learning Goals of Nursery and Reception to the National Curriculum. We are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.

In Maths, we continue to develop the children’s understanding of numbers, especially place value, and early calculation. This is achieved with an emphasis on learning through experience and use of games, problem-solving challenges and lots of hands on activities and equipment.

In Literacy we provide lots of opportunities for speaking and listening and role-play to support the children’s writing. The writing activities always relate to our topic and over the year, the children will explore writing in lots of different genres; labels and lists, instructions, poetry, recounts and narrative story writing.

Please feel free to email any photos of learning at home or news that you would like to share to

Spring term

 Happy New Year everyone! 

This term our topics are traditional tales and animals. Our teaching will have a cross- curricular approach; to tie into the topic were possible.

We have an exciting term planned and the children are enthusiastic and motivated about their new learning.

A table of the areas of learning for the Spring Term can be found in the download section of the class page.  We hope you will find this useful. This gives you a brief overview of what we are covering this term for all areas of the curriculum.


Homework begins this term!  The focus of the weekly homework task will be linked to either English, Maths or Topic work. The aim is to support children’s learning through having the opportunity to share activities with you and to continue to develop an effective home and school partnership.

Homework tasks will be given to pupils in a homework book on a Friday. The book will be due back at school the following Tuesday.

Some tasks will be open ended to enable parents and children to decide when the task is completed. At this early stage in children’s education our priority is fostering a love of learning. Thank you for your support.

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9.1.18  Year 1 were introduced to their year 5 'buddy'.

Today the children have met their Year 5 'buddies.'  The children were introduced and then spent time together sharing a story and talking.  The year 5 children made a postcard to introduce themselves, which they have taken home today.  Everyone was very excited!  It was wonderful to see them talking and sharing stories together. 

Several buddies will come down each day to play with the children at morning break time.  The children will all have their buddies on different days starting tomorrow! 


This week we are reading the story of Cinderella.  On Tuesday the children acted out parts of the story in groups, each taking a different role.  The photographs were added to a Spark Video and the children narrated their parts. Check out the video below.


This week we had a visit from Key Strings.  The children heard live music played on string instruments, including a banjo.  The learnt that the larger the instrument the lower the sound.  Please see the photos in the gallery.


This week we have been reading the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children have written some amazing versions of the story.  As one of their  'free choice activities' they have designed a bridge for the goats to cross a river.  I have put some photos in the gallery of their brilliant designs. 



Today we have had a visit from Dee Valley Water.  We have learnt about the way water is cleaned from the river to the tap.  How water is transported to our homes and what a water pipe looks like.  We have then been told  how much water we need to drink to stay hydrated. We have also been given lots of water saving tips.  The children listened brilliantly and asked lots of relevant questions.


We have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties.  In English we have been writing riddles about our favourite fairytale characters.  We have had lots of fun thinking of clues and discussing which order they should go in.  We have put the easiest clues last. We are going to share them with Reception tomorrow and see if they guess correctly.  The class really enjoyed sharing their riddles. Reception were fantastic listeners and guessed some of them,not all.  Please see the pictures in the gallery.


We have had great fun in PE today with Mr Ashton learning the alien game.  We had to stop, look and think so as not to be captured by aliens!!! We loved it!  

A busy morning thinking about which piece of playground equipment we are going to make. Great discussions took place as to what they were going to make and why. Check the galley for some of their super ideas. The planning process is now complete.  We start making our models tomorrow!!  They have decided which materials will be the most appropriate and are ready to build.

The building process is complete.  I was impressed with with their patience and teamwork.  They have used their knowledge of 3D structures to help them.  They have evaluated their designs and thought about what they would change and why.  We have put photos of the finished products in the gallery.  You will be amazed!!


A fantastic Friday!  Today we have come dressed as a favourite book character.  Everyone looks amazing.  We have shared our book favourites and have read some stories brought in by the children.  A great end to the week.


Thank you to everyone for your support for World Down Syndrome Day. We had lots of children in odd socks and pupils brought in 50p to buy a gingerbread sock.  Well done Year 1, you have shown a brilliant understanding of why we were wearing odd socks today. Please see our range of different fancy socks in the gallery.

A huge thank you for all the goodies for the rainbow raffle. You all had some brilliant ideas.  I have put a picture in the gallery.

27.3.18.  This week in maths  we have been working on symmetry.  The children have had a range of activities to create symmetrical patterns and problem solving activities.  Pictures in the gallery.  Can you find any symmetrical objects in your house?

Summer Term

It is amazing to think we are already in the Summer term.  It was great to see everyone after the holidays.  They seem relaxed and ready for the new topics we have planned.  They have made a fantastic start to the term by planting sunflower seeds. 

In English they are currently writing instructions for how to plant a seed with illustrations, our audience will be the children in Reception. 

The overview for the content of teaching for the Summer term has been added to the page. I hope you find this useful. Please take the time to look at the whole school newsletter to check  the dates for Sports day  ( including the reserve date).  It will be great to see you there. 

16. 4. 18.

We began the week planting sunflower seeds.  We are hoping they will grow, but we would like alittle more sunshine!!  In science we have been examining plants and identifying the different parts using the correct names.   Is was good fun if alittle messy!


It has been a very busy week.  We cannot believe it is Friday already!  We have started making our own weather stations.  This week we have made our rain gauges.  Photos in the gallery.  We have also started making our windmills. 

Our clay owls are nearly finished.  They are painted and ready for varnishing next week. 

This week and next week we are reading the book 'The Tin Forest ' by Helen Ward.  The children are all becoming authors as they have started their own version of the story.  Watch this space, as we will be working on them again next week.


We have had a brilliant day at Delamere Forest!  The children have been learning about the type of trees that grow in the forest.  They have had to create 2- D trees, label them and decide on the diffrent funcions of the differerent parts of a tree.

They were also blindfolded and had to use their sense of touch to discover as much as they could about their tree.  The blind fold was removed and then they had to see if they could find their tree.  

After lunch we got the chance to find different things in the forest according to different colours and textures.  Finally we collected different materials for the fairies of the forest to use overnight.

The class listened carefully and asked a range of interesting questions.  The Forest Explorers team commented on their excellent behaviour and knowledge.  Well done 1R, it has been a great day.  The rain started just as we boarded the coach.  Lots of pictures of the day to view in the gallery.  


A sunny day for our picnic lunch to celebrate the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan on Saturday.  Thank you to the kitchen staff , we thought lunch was delicious!  Also congratulations to Alexis who is being a bridesmaid on Saturday for her mummy and daddy!  Have a wonderful day.



The magic continues in year 1...  A special visitor arrived having found a magic carpet in a secret cave in the mountains close to Baghdad.  This has caused us to go on a journey of discovery with our  magic carpet. We have written some fantastic descriptions of riding on our carpet, made some beautiful carpets and used the magic carpet to learn about directional language.   Lots of photos to look at in the gallery. 


It has been a very busy week with sports day and  work based on the book 'Flat Stanley' by Jeff Brown.  The children have been writing letters and creating diary entries. They have also been measuring using standard and non-standard units. The children are getting really confident at using a ruler. 

We all had a fantastic afternoon at Sports Day.  Everyone was brilliantly behaved and a great time was had by all.  Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  A selection of photographs have been put in the galley on the homepage.


We have had a fantastic afternoon composing music to reflect the sounds of the seaside.  The children had the opportunity to experiment with the instruments.  The then had to write a musical score.  The children then performed to the class.  We were all transfixed.  Please see the gallery.


Today we celebrated the school being  50 years old.  We celebrated in style!  We all wore our Goldfest t-shirts or something yellow or gold.  We had a special assesmbly with Alex.  Alex showed us lots of circus skills.  Later we went in the hall and had the chance to do some circus skills for ourselves.  We tried juggling, diablos, scarf juggling, spinning plates and balancing feathers on our hands and noses.  We also had the chance to use the weighed spillers and the ribbons.  It was very exciting! 

 For lunch we had a party picnic.  We stayed in the hall because it was so hot.  In the afternooon we had birthday cake decorated with a Belgrave bee.  As we ate our cake we sang ourselves happy bithday and gave 3 cheers.

In the evening we had a ' Goldfest Celebration.'  Everyone was invited.  To start the party we danced to music from the decades with the whole school.  Our parents thought it was awesome and we got lots of cheers.  We had picnics on the field listening to music and playing with our friends.  We had a bake off competition and Emily , Trudy and Margaux all won a prize.  Who knew we had such good bakers in year one!  Some children danced with their teachers in the sunshine.  It was great fun but very hot!!!

It was an amazing day.  One we will all remember for a very long time.  Please take the time to view our gallery to see some photos of our special day.  We all love being at Belgrave.

Thank you to the PTA for all your hard work from year one and all the teachers.

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