Weekly Celebrations

Celebration Assembly

We would like to share our most recent Celebration Assemblies with you. Every Friday we will show some photos of the work celebrated in the assembly.

Year 2's Celebration Assembly 13th July 2018

Year 2 celebrated their ideas on how to make school a happy place, Aboriginal art work, Science and accomplishments in reading. Well done Year 2.

We think all your ideas about making Belgrave happy are excellent. Everyone was interested in finding out about the compound eyes on a fly.


Year 3 Celebration Assembly 9th July 2018

Year 3 have all written accounts of Goldfest and they read them out to the school. We heard all about circus skills, the picnic lunch with jelly, the cakes made by Carena, the Goldfest dance and the celebratory t.shirts.

Thank you Year 3 for writing excellent accounts about Goldfest.




Year 4's Celebration Assembly 6th July 2018

Year 4 taught us facts about animals. “Did you know that your food stays in your body for 6 hours and sometimes for a whole day?”

“Did you know that fish have teeth? They actually have 30,40 or 50 teeth.”

Year 4 went to play with the Halle Orchestra in Manchester. The theme this year was Strictly Come Dancing. It was great fun!

Thank you Year 4.


Year 5's Celebration Assembly 2nd July 2018

Year 5 read sections of their persuasive writing linked to their research about space. We also heard information from books they have made about the Greeks.

Thank you for telling us some very interesting facts.

Year 6's Celebration Assembly 28th June 2018

Year 6 showed the school their Football World Cup research. They found out facts about the different countries' teams. The task was also to design a football kit inspired by the flag of that country and include facts that have been find out.  

Reception's Celebration Assembly 22nd June 2018

We were very impressed with the Reception children’s writing and their accounts of how they created paintings of parts of insects using pastels, Modroc and paint. This work was inspired by Year 4’s art work based on Levon Biss’ paintings of insects.

Year 1's Celebration Assembly 15th June 2018

The whole school enjoyed hearing about everything that has been happening in Year 1 today. There was such a variety of work.

Children had written letters and diary entries in role as Flat Stanley, decorated books based on the “Tin Forest” and completed maths measuring tasks using Flat Stanley.

We also looked at the weather stations that they had made from plastic bottles, which were used to collect and measure rain and observe the effect of the wind.

Year 2's Celebration Assembly 8th June 2018

Everybody enjoyed listening to the beautiful poems written by Year 2. The poems had been inspired by the book Tadpole’s Promise.

Well done Year 2; you need to be very proud of how you read these to the school and also be proud of what you have written.

Year 3's Celebration Assembly 18th May 2018

Year 3 celebrated the forthcoming Royal Wedding on the 19th May and shared their newspaper articles, paintings of dress and cake designs and advice to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

They presented the assembly confidently and made us laugh! Thank you Year 3 for giving us new information about the wedding and for adding your own very creative detail to your designs and your writing.

The model of the wedding cake was made by Reception who have had a Royal Wedding role play area all week. Two reception children came to assembly dressed as Meghan and Prince Harry.

Year 4's Celebration Assembly 11th May 2018

We heard a range of writing today in assembly all read with confidence by Year 4. Year 4 need to be very proud of their work which ranged from creative writing based on a film clip about a camping trip, a rap to help when calculating decimals and a description of a setting.

We also heard about the artist Levon Biss and his insect portraits which have influenced the art work completed by Year 4. The art work is on display in the classroom so please drop in to see it.

Year 5's Celebration Assembly 4th May 

Year 5 showed us recordings of their interviews with other class members about the residential to Menai. They completed the work in pairs and were either a presenter for Radio 5 or a pupil being interviewed. They also included photos of the trip. The whole school enjoyed these presentations.

Everyone in school wore something green today for the Go Green Cancer charity organised by Clatterbridge Hospital. The Year 5 lead the campaign and we raised £327. Well done Year 5!

Year 6's Celebration Assembly 27th April 2018

Year 6 read their very balanced accounts of a discussion about the comparison between books and films. The excellent use of language in these pieces enables the reader to engage and consider their own viewpoint. The class have also asked conducted a survey of all of the pupils in KS2 to find out which they prefer. The results are presented in a bar chart. Year 5 prefer books whilst the rest of KS2 prefer films.

Reception’s Celebration Assembly 20th April 2018

Well done Reception for showing their super reading and Maths today in assembly. They used the microphone confidently and we heard every word spoken. Can you see the Numicon covered in silver foil?

Miss Hopkins covered the Numicon to help the children calculate by counting on from a number.


Year 1's Celebration Assembly 29th March 2018

We all enjoyed seeing how carefully the Year 1’s had created a symmetrical pattern either on a butterfly or on geo-boards. The accuracy of the work makes this a wonderful achievement and we were told that it was fun!

It was also really interesting to hear the facts about owls that the children read to us all with confidence.

Thank you Year 1! 

Year 2's Celebration Assembly 23rd March 2018

Year 2 showed us amazing maths challenges using dice today. They had made calculations using multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We also shared some excellent homework based on a book by Julia Jarman about a visit to the zoo and three pieces of non-chronological writing. The children had a choice about whether they wrote about humpback whales or snails.

We learnt some new facts..thank you Year 2.

Everyone is wearing non-uniform as it was Rainbow Raffle Day. 

Year 3’s Celebration Assembly 9th March 2018

Year 3 shared their work about The Stone Age. There was a range of work including stories, factual accounts with diagrams and cave drawings.

It was interesting to hear that when Stonehenge was constructed the stones were moved on large logs and pulled by about 200 people.

We also heard about the prehistoric village of Skara Brae on the North East of Scotland in the Orkney Islands. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was occupied between about 3,200BC and 2,200BC and is older than the pyramids and Stonehenge.

Year 4’s Celebration Assembly 2nd March 2018

The school dressed up for World Book Day which we celebrated on the 2nd March. This was a day later than the rest of the world as we wanted the whole school to be involved. Year 5’s in our local area had arranged to visit the Catholic High on the 1st March for workshops on Macbeth.

I am sure you will agree that Year 4 look great in their costumes. They proudly shared their achievements in assembly. We listened to exciting story openers for the Iron Man which were full of suspense, heard about the excellent progress of a flautist and counted the pages of fractions and calculations with money in a Maths book.

Well done Year 4!

Year 5 Celebration Assembly 16th February 2018

Year 5 read a selection of writing that they have been working on this half term. This has included plays and poetry. The children have written in character and have had the opportunity to act out scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Photos of the group work in drama are on the Year 5's Class Page. 

The quality of the writing is exceptional as is the presentation. You can see photos of the extracts titled Year 5's Writing 16th February..

Thank you Year 5 for reading your work to the school. 



Year 6 Celebration Assembly 9th February 2018

We were very impressed with Year 6’s writing on the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms. Their writing was clear and informative and at the end of the report the whole school was excited about the last item mentioned. This was a website where children could vote about school uniforms.

However Mr Clifton informed everyone that this was fictional and the invitation to contribute ideas on the website was put in the report for effect.


Reception's Celebration Assembly 19th January 2018

Everyone loved hearing the children reading and storytelling using story maps of the Gingerbread Man.

The letters written to Goldilocks were amazing. Each word was sounded out by the children. If Goldilocks had received these letters from Daddy Bear she would know that she shouldn’t ever visit their house again.

The techniques used to record and calculate the maths were really well explained.


Year 1's Celebration Assembly 12th January 2018

Year 1 used the new microphones for the first time and talked brilliantly about the work they have completed this week.

We heard about the pictograms they have constructed about the different eye colours that children have in Year 1. We were also shown beautifully illustrated flowcharts about Chester Zoo.

Year 2's Celebration Assembly 15th December 

We heard all about a waterproofing experiment and now know that oil pastel and cellotape can keep paper waterproof. The children recorded their results in a format that was created in the shape of a house. Everyone gave a huge applause to the Year 2 narrators and agreed that they had read brilliantly with wonderful expression.

Year 2 are very proud!

Year 3's Celebration Assembly

The Year 3 showed their books based on “Follow That Bus” by the author Pat Hutchins. They told us about the problems that a class of children encountered on their school trip to a farm. We were all pleased that these problems hadn’t happened to any of us!

Look at the art books! Everyone was really impressed with the shading and we decided it was hard to tell which side was the print and which had been drawn by the children.


Year 4’s Celebration Assembly 1st December

The Year 4 have been on a walk to Duke’s Drive as part of a project about trees designed by the Woodland Trust. They shared their poems about trees in which they had used rhyme, personification, metaphors and similes. Everyone loved hearing the poems and seeing the photos of the walk and their trip to Chester to find out about the Romans.

The class also celebrated success with learning times tables. Great work Year 4!


Year 5’s Celebration Assembly 24th November 2017

Year 5 showed an example of a bridge made from paper. The challenge was to make a bridge that would carry a car and 100 gram weight. The challenge was completed in teams and the winning team celebrated today in assembly. We also heard about how the colours were added to the background of the drawings of the suspension bridge in Chester.

Celebration Assembly 17th November 2017

Year 6 read sections of their stories based on the illustrations in The Arrival by Shaun Tan. We all wanted to hear more and are looking forward to reading the complete stories next week.

We also celebrated excellent explanations about how to demonstrate which fraction is the larger amount. Two methods were shown to the school as you can see on the flip chart.

Reception Celebration Assembly 10th November 2017

The Reception children showed the whole school the poppies they had made from straws, felt, masking tape and beads and they also showed us work in their books. We celebrated the writing in the colourful colour books and the adding up to 11.

  Year 1's Celebration Assembly 27th October 2017        

Year 1 told us about work completed in Science, Maths and English.

We saw photos of shapes around school, addition up to 31, excellent sorting charts and super sentences based on the book “Room on the Broom”.

Thank you Year One!


Year 2's Celebration Assembly 13th October 2017

Year 2 showed us their art work linked to the topic “The Great Fire of London”. We were also stunned by their writing and detective work based on the book "The Great Paper Caper".

Well done Year 2; what a great start to the school year!


Year 3’s Celebration Assembly

We all enjoyed hearing the content of the letters Year 3 have written to Julia Donaldson inviting her to our school. We were also very impressed with the book reviews. Everyone has a favourite Julia Donaldson book!

Year 3 have been working hard and are proud of what they have achieved.

Celebration Assembly 29th September 2017

Year 4 have created art work using their initials. The designs and materials used were based on Jasper John’s style. They also shared some questions they have recorded to help them investigate sound. Great work Year 4!

Year 5 Celebration Assembly 15th September 2017

Year 5 are very proud of their work; and so they should be! We heard some fantastic news from Mrs Bowle about the children’s work ethic and beautiful writing. The children also read their stories which were written in character. All the children agreed it was their best work ever!!

Well done Year 5 for a great start to the year.


Year 6 Celebration Assembly 8th September 2017

Year 6 have started the school year’s Celebration Assemblies by giving us information about the Second World War.

During the holidays Year 6 have carried out some research and presented this in different forms. We were shown posters, models of tanks, reports with information about the Blitz, family history and a range of artefacts including identity cards.

Year 6 have also each written an account about being an evacuee. We heard two children’s accounts which were very moving.

Thank you Year 6!

Reception’s Celebration Assembly 14th July 2017

Reception stunned us all today with their recitals of songs they had composed, descriptive writing, poetry, riddles, handwriting, maths and information writing. They talked confidently to the whole school.

We all loved their singing too!

Year 1 7th July 2017

Year 1 read stories they had written about the books “Handa’s Surprise” and “The House Cat”.

We also saw amazing work that had been completed on recording quarter to and quarter past the hour.

Year 2 - 30th June 2017

Year 2 celebrated today by sharing 'How to care for a Bog Baby'.  They had been inspired by the story Bog Baby.  On Tuesday, Year 2 went to Media City in Manchester to watch the filming of Swashbuckle.  They read their recount of the day.  It sounded so much fun!

Year 3’s Celebration Assembly 16th June 2017

Year 3 showed us all photos about the activities they carried out on the residential. They had a brilliant time finding artefacts in the iron- age house, walking from Burwardsley to Beeston, toasting marshmallows, taking part in the Mini-Olympics and singing songs around the camp fire and much more!

Year 4’s Celebration Assembly 9th June 2017

Some of Year 4 read us their imaginative poems. The type of poetry they used is called a Kenning. This is a two word phrase used to describe someone or something. We had to try and guess what was being described.

We then watched videos of Viking reports; everyone agreed that these videos are brilliant. Year 4 used their voices like real presenters and planned the content extremely well.

Thank you Mrs Hancock and Year 4.


Year 5’s Celebration Assembly 26th May 2017

Year 5 read sections of their non-chronological reports about space which were written both individually and collaboratively.The presentation of the work is excellent as is the quality of the writing.


Year 6's Celebration Assembly 19th May

It was really interesting hearing about Year 6’s trip to Bickley Hall Farm in Cheshire which is run by Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Everyone really enjoyed picking rhubarb and making their own rhubarb crumble.

We then had the opportunity to hear excerpts from Year 6’s very own spy thrillers and see a picture of a detailed and ingenious gadget that would be essential equipment for a spy.

Reception's Celebration Assembly 12th May 2017

Reception stunned us with their writing about mini-beasts, maths calculations, the poem that they had written as a class and their investigations.

The whole school also loved seeing their mini-beast art on the screen. We are looking forward to reading the poem on the school website.

Celebration Assembly 5th May 2017

Year 1 surprised us all with their Magic Box. They told us that anything at all can go in it. A magical heart, a cruise ship, a bolt of lightning and Dracula’s teeth were pulled out of the box during assembly.

The whole class have made their own Tin Forest books which were beautifully presented. The children celebrating read excerpts from their books and showed us the illustrations of the colourful forest at the end of the book.

Thank you Year 1!

Year 2’s Celebration Assembly 28th April 2017

Everyone was really impressed with the work completed by Year 2 on “The Great Paper Caper” by Oliver Jeffers.

When Year 2 came into their classroom on Monday the 24th April they knew that something serious had happened. There was red and white tape around a crime scene. They saw a broken branch, some sawdust, some crumpled paper and some footprints. How could this have happened? Who did it?

The class have written investigations and witness statements connected to the story and explanations about how paper is made. What great fun they had making their own paper aeroplanes and flying them on the field!

Year 5’s Celebration Assembly 21st April 2017

We really enjoyed hearing about the residential to the Menai Centre. Watching the video also gave us an insight into the exciting activities. The video can be seen on the Year 5 Class Page.

Thank you Year 5 for telling us all about your experiences and for the being the best at so many things!!

Year 3's Celebration Assembly 31st March 2017

Year 3 celebrated their art work and poetry based on the book “Where the River Meets the Sea”. Each child has produced a poem about the forest and a piece of art work. The art will be added to a class piece called “The Forest” which will be exhibited at the “Without Walls” exhibition at Queen’s Park High School in July. Everyone worked hard to produce excellent work.

Year 4’s Celebration Assembly March 24th 2017

We really enjoyed watching the children show us what they know about electricity. It was fun when Year 4 asked the children questions about conductors and insulators. The demonstrations of how the fan worked interested everybody.

We also heard facts read out from beautifully presented Water Cycle books and admired a piece of art which showed a range of techniques.

March 17th Year 6’s Celebration Assembly

“Voices in the Park” by Anthony Browne is an excellent book for teaching about character and different viewpoints. We heard great descriptions of the characters and pieces of writing which showed the different characters’ perspectives on the world. The flip chart was used to ask pupils to work out some algebra using the bar method. The explanations about how to work out the problems were brilliant.


Reception’s Celebration Assembly 10th March

We were really excited about the learning that is happening in the Reception class. We heard about giant leaps in phonics, subtraction and writing. The children used the microphone and read their work to the whole school. We learnt about penguins and stingrays. Did you know that stingrays lift their tail when they sting?

The children also tested children on number facts and demonstrated their phonic skills in front of an audience. After the children had received their Gold Awards the rest of the class stood up to perform the Gruffalo song.


Celebration Assembly March 3rd 2017

Year 1 look brilliant in their World Book Day costumes.

They showed us their amazing drawings and descriptions of an imaginary troll on Wanted posters. If you find the troll you could receive an £1000 reward!

We also heard about the homework completed over the half term holiday about birds. Fantastic to hear that everyone in the family has helped to identify birds that visit gardens early in the morning. Some children also went on visits to places like the Liverpool Museum and Martin Mere to find out more about birds. WOW!


Celebration Assembly February 17th 2017

Year 2 read their own versions of three sections of the story “Jack and the Baked Beanstalk” in sequence. The range of adjectives chosen made the stories really interesting to listen to. We also heard a news report about the collapse of the beanstalk.

Two children showed us their calculations using money and asked the children in the hall to answer subtraction questions.

Well done Year 2 for impressing both the children and teachers with the work in your books. You definitely deserve certificates and a Gold Award!

Celebration Assembly 10th February 2017

The children in Year 3 stunned us with their times tables test results and their descriptive writing.

We heard the introduction from two children and then the next section from two others. The stories were written in the first person as they were the main character in the book “Stone Age Boy”.

Everyone enjoyed listening to Year 3 and the whole school felt very, very proud.

Year 4’s Celebration Assembly 3rd February 2017

Year 4 showed us their branching data bases. The children demonstrated how these help us to sort and categorise effectively. We also listened to extracts of descriptive writing inspired by a short film called “Once in a Lifetime”.

Everyone in the hall was very impressed.

Year 6’s Celebration Assembly 20th January 2017

Thank you to Year 6 for explaining some of the aspects of maths they have been working on. All the children listened and many wanted to answer the questions.

It was brilliant to listen to the interesting information written about famous people’s achievements. Each pupil in Year 6 has researched a famous person by reading biographies. The writing was engaging and we all wanted to know more.

 Reception Celebration Assembly Friday 13th January 2017

Reception were the first class to celebrate their achievements in 2017. Their amazing dinosaur art was created by using collage and inks. The children worked together in groups to make their dinosaurs. Each child celebrating was able to tell the whole school the names of the dinosaurs; we have some experts already.

The children have also been writing independently, their sentences tell us facts about the dinosaurs.

To end the assembly the whole of reception sang a new dinosaur song that they have been learning. They sang very confidently and surprised us all with a big roar at the end! We are looking forward to the next time we hear the dinosaur song, you might even recognise the tune! 

Year 1 Celebration Assembly 9th December 2016

Year 1 showed us amazing work in their RE, Art, Science and Topic books today.

The school looked at the collection of pictures about Advent and detailed drawings of Tudor buildings in Chester on the visualizer so that everyone could see the work clearly.

It was also fantastic to see research completed about the Eastgate clock which was read to the school with confidence.

Celebration Assembly 2nd December 2016

Year 2 celebrated their performance at the Multi -Skills Festival. They all showed good skills, excellent behaviour and showed that they can work well with others. Six schools took part in the festival.


Well done Year 2. 

Year 4 Celebration Assembly 25th November 2016

We really enjoyed hearing about how the lanterns for the Lantern Parade on 1st December were made. Then we listened to some very dramatic stories about Boudicca’s battle and speeches that Year 4 thought that Boudicca would have made. It was also amazing to have Year 4 test us all out on our times tables and division facts.

Brilliant work Year 4!



Year 3 Celebration Assembly 18th November 2016

Year 3 read sections of writing they had completed this week that showed fantastic progress. Some read descriptions from work about Ancient Egypt and others read parts of their story called the Toymaker set in the early 1900’s.


Celebration Assembly 11th November 2016

Year 5 talked about their projects on bridges. The team that achieved the highest number of points in Year 5 showed the school their bridge. The bridge was made from paper and masking tape and is extremely sturdy.

We also saw some excellent photographs of the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct constructed by Thomas Telford and paintings of the suspension bridge in Queen’s Park and the Old Dee Bridge. 

Celebration Assembly 28th October 2016

It was brilliant to hear about the games that the Year 6 had taught to their buddies in Reception. The children were able to see photographs with examples of the games on the screen whilst the Year 6 pupils were talking to the school.

We also listened to some extracts from their persuasive letters and advertisements and admired art work that has been completed for the school’s forthcoming art exhibition. 

Celebration Assembly 21st October 2016

The Reception children really enjoyed their walk to Westminster Park on Tuesday. They have been preparing for the walk by looking at signs of Autumn on the school grounds and looking at them closely in the classroom. We heard all about the number challenges using tweezers and conkers.

Well done Reception for sharing your learning with the whole school.

Celebration Assembly 14th October 2016

We heard about the hard work that is being completed in Year 1. Year 1 have been learning the days of the week through their recount of a book called “Oliver’s Vegetables”. Everyone has been writing and illustrating zig-zag books and ordering the sequence of the story. Super work Year 1!

Description: R:Photographs 16-17Celebration AssemblyYear 1.JPG


Celebration Assembly 7th October 2016

Year 2 showed us their excellent work in assembly. We found out about the maths that they have been doing this week. They have been adding two 2 digit numbers together by partitioning the numbers into tens and units and then adding them together.

The children also read different parts of their own stories about “Dogger” by Shirley Hughes.  We were all really impressed with the children’s use of punctuation, exciting choices of vocabulary and their expressive reading.

Well done Year 2!

Description: R:Photographs 16-17Celebration AssemblyYear 2.JPG

Celebration Assembly 30th September 2016

Year 3 asked us questions about Julia Donaldson the author and told the children if they had answered correctly. We found out about how old she is, her favourite food and her favourite pet.

We also found about the children’s work this week on healthy eating. The children had taken on the role of a personal trainer for a boy called Will who wants to be a successful gymnast. He was advised not drink fizzy drinks and to eat more fruit. Brilliant work Year 3!


Year 4’s Celebration Assembly 23rd September 2016

Year 4 read some facts from their posters about the Romans. It was really interesting.

Did you know that the Romans called Chester “Castra Deva”? Also did you know that the Romans invaded Chester to increase their wealth and to get easy access to wheat, wool and dairy products?

Then we heard extracts from the children’s exciting stories based on the legend of the “Lambton Worm”. This legend is from County Durham in the North East of England. Well done Year 4!


Celebration Assembly 16th September

On Thursday 15th September Year 5 walked into Chester to start their topic on Rivers. The class went to see the Old Dee Bridge and Queen’s Park Bridge. The children took their sketch books so that they could sketch the two bridges. The drawings were of a very high standard and will be used as a basis for further art work that may be exhibited at the school’s art exhibition on the 14th November.



Celebration Assembly 9th September 2016

Year 6 have been busy during the holidays and have completed their homework on the Second World War to an extremely high standard. The group of pupils who celebrated their work today created interactive posters and a model of a fighter bomber that would have been used by the British Royal Air force. We also found out about rationing and the use of clickers to identify friend or foe.

Excellent work Year 6!





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